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Failure Analysis


Introduction to failure analysis

Failure analysis is a new developing discipline,it has very strong practical significance in improving the quality of products, developing and improving technology,repairing products and arbitrating failure accidents。MTT is a third-party certification testing lab, and failure analysisis our main service。We have serviced and won reputation in the field of failure analysis for several years。With a large number of cases and a professional database,we can provide customers with fair, independent and accurate failure analysis report as anindependent third-party lab。


Significance of failure analysis

Failure analysis is of great significance to the phases of production and use,failure may occur at all stages of the product life cycle, includingdevelopment, production and using. By analyzing thedefective samples and failure products found in R&D, testing, client, etc.,the failure mode and mechanismisrevealed, and finally the root cause of failure can be analyzed out.


Process of failure analysis

Background Check, includingFailure phenomenon, Failure environment, Failure stage (Phases of design, debugging, testing, early application, mid-term application, etc.), Failure proportion, Historical data, etc.

Nondestructive Testing, like X-Ray fluoroscopy, C-SAM scan, CT scan, Electrical performance test, Morphology, Local composition analysis, etc.

Destructive Analysis, like De-Cap, Cross-section, Probe test, FIB, Thermal performance test, Body composition analysis, Mechanical behavior test, etc.

Analysis of Using Conditions, including analysis of structural, mechanics, thermal analysis, environmental conditions, restrictions, etc.

Simulation and Verification Experiments, according to the failure mechanism, design simulation experiment, verify the failure.


Note: carefully protect the failure site and samples, avoid secondary damage caused by power, heat, electricity and other factors.

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